How to determine whether to use 6 / 10 or 8.7/10 for cable selection

When selecting cables, the power cable line design, installation and operation departments shall consider four factors, such as cable service conditions, insulation level, AAAC Cable type and conductor section, which are divided as follows. 1. Cable service conditions (1) cable rated voltage / u () shall meet the following requirements: 1) the voltage shall meet … Read more

Completion of laying of high temperature AC superconducting cable

The transmission capacity of superconducting AAC Cable is much larger than that of conventional cable. The power transmission capacity of a 10KV three-phase coaxial high temperature AC superconducting cable is greater than that of a conventional 110kV cable, but the transmission loss is only one fourth to one fifth of that of a conventional cable, … Read more

Why do low-voltage power cables use four cores?

The low-voltage power grid in urban residential areas generally adopts the three-phase four wire system. The four core cable used in the low-voltage power grid, except for the three-phase conductor, is called the neutral wire. It can pass through the unbalanced current of three-phase AC and has the function of protective grounding. Three core cable … Read more

Teach you to choose high quality wire through insulating layer!

There are many types and sizes of wires on the market. In addition, there are many kinds of inferior wires manufactor. Many consumers don’t know where to start when choosing wires. We shared the general selection points before. Now let’s take a closer look at the simple and important aspects of insulation. Why is it … Read more

Burning test for ACSR Conductor production

There are two key links in the wire and cable manufacturing industry, namely theAluminum conductors steel-reinforced production link and the wire and cable testing link, especially the wire and cable testing link. This is the last stop for quality control and a comprehensive assessment of the performance of wires and cables. The burning test of … Read more

Factors Affecting Cable Performance and Placement in Wiring

Factors affecting Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) SANS 1418 Standard and placement in the wiring six factors affecting cable performance: Ultraviolet (UV)– Do not use cables without UV protection in direct sunlight. Heat — The temperature of the cable in the metal tube or groove is very high, and many polymeric materials will degrade their service … Read more

Plastic Extrusion and Traction Speed of Cable Technology

The rate of plastic extrusion According to the flow rate analysis of the viscous fluid in the material conveying and homogenizing section of the ABC conductor,  the flow rate of the plastic (that is, the extrusion speed) is proportional to the screw speed, and the screw speed is an important operating variable to characterize the … Read more

Cable Knowledge: Classification, Use and Function of Armoured Cables

ABC cable is made of conductors of different materials mounted in insulated metal bushing, which is processed into a flexible and solid assembly.Armoured cable is generally fixed power cable, generally speaking, is fixed in a place and basically do not move, power line transmission of electric energy.The armoured cable includes armoured thermocouple, armoured thermal resistor, … Read more

What should I pay attention to when buying Aerial Bundled Cable?

As the main carrier of power transmission,Aerial Bundled Cable  HD 626 S1 Standard is widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuits, household appliances, etc. Its quality directly affects the quality of the project and the safety of consumers’ lives and properties. There are many types of wires in the market, and you must use the … Read more