How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

Aluminum industry is a traditional competitive industry in Henan Province. After years of development, Henan aluminum industry has possessed the advantages of the whole industrial chain, and continues to extend to downstream aluminum processing and deep processing. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized. Henan is a truly large aluminum processing province. It is worth noting that the downstream consumption of aluminum processing materials has changed greatly in recent years, and Henan aluminum industry has both opportunities and challenges.

How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

Two Challenges for Henan Aluminum Enterprises to Set foot in Automobile Lightweight

The research shows that for traditional fuel vehicles, about 60% of the vehicle fuel is used to load the self weight of the vehicle, and 0.39 liters of fuel can be saved for every 100 kg weight reduction of passenger vehicles and every 100 km. If the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 6%~8%, thus reducing the emissions by 5%~6%. For new energy vehicles, the vehicle weight directly affects the driving range.

The above industry insiders said that the automobile materials are mainly steel, but the density of aluminum is only about 1/3 of steel, and the performance after alloying can meet the relevant requirements. Replacing steel with aluminum can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles. Aluminum alloy materials can replace steel in strength, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance and recycling.

Wanda ALU introduced that Henan’s aluminum sheet, strip and foil production ranks first in the country, aluminum profiles have made significant development, and wheel hubs have a place. From the perspective of the entire automobile structure, car bodies, wheels, parts, power batteries, etc. have demand for lightweight aluminum for automobiles, and the Association is increasing its research in this field.

However, it is not easy for Henan Aluminum Industry to get involved in automobile lightweight. It should not only face the certification process of automobile manufacturers, but also solve problems in technology and process.

The above industry insiders believe that aluminum alloy auto parts need to pass strict material certification, product certification, automobile production quality management system (IATF16949-2016) certification, and internal certification of vehicle manufacturers or first-class auto parts suppliers. There are few local brand auto manufacturers in Henan, which is the biggest dilemma for Henan aluminum industry to get involved in automobile lightweight.

In addition, the insiders said that in the field of automobile and other industrial aluminum profiles, downstream products with different needs and uses will have different requirements for aluminum profiles, especially in terms of alloy formula, manufacturing technology, process optimization, experience, etc., which requires long-term accumulation and trial.

Long-term cooperation between Yutong New Energy Vehicle and Wanda Aluminum

Yutong aluminium checker plate

It was learned from Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. that the “2021 Annual Social Responsibility Report” released by the company shows that Yutong will achieve operating income of 25.7 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 15.9%, and pay taxes of more than 1.3 billion yuan, achieving performance for 18 consecutive years. Continued growth.
According to the “Report”, in 2014 Yutong continued to lead the bus industry, with its bus sales exceeding 60,000 units, becoming the world’s largest bus sales company.

The aluminum alloy plate produced by Henan Wanda Aluminum has always been favored by Yutong Bus Company, especially the Aluminium checker plate, aluminum plate and other products, which have always been the most ideal materials in the new energy vehicle industry.

Yutong aluminium checker plate

The rapid growth of the new energy bus market has become an important factor driving the changes in Yutong’s business revenue. In 2021, Yutong Bus will sell a total of 7,405 new energy buses. Up to now, it has promoted a total of 13,798 new energy buses, becoming the first new energy bus in the world. A company with over 10,000 sales. It is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 464,000 tons per year, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 1,272 hectares of broad-leaved forest in one year. And Wanda Aluminum also wants Yutong Bus to provide a good product manufacturing plan.

In 2021, Yutong’s goal is to strive to achieve an operating income of 27.7 billion yuan, continue to maintain its advantages in passenger car sales, and focus on the new energy passenger car market. It is reported that in 2022, Yutong invested 3.86 billion yuan to build a new energy-saving and new energy bus industrialization base that has been officially put into production, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 vehicles, which will further reflect its economic benefits in 2015. The new energy bus technology is still in the early stage of development, and the speed of technological upgrading is very fast. Whether the new energy bus technology can make further breakthroughs will be the key problem to be solved by Yutong in the next stage.

Advantages of aluminum checker plates for your reference

Aluminum checker plate available to be purchased alludes to an aluminum plate with an example on a superficial level. Albeit the creation cycle of this aluminum plate is somewhat muddled and the expense is high, it is as yet well known on the lookout. There are two principal reasons: from one perspective, the designed aluminum plate has a delightful appearance and of solid enrichment; then again, it has phenomenal enemy of unloading impact.
There are fundamentally 1 series aluminum plates, 3 series aluminum manganese and 5 series aluminum magnesium combination. Since various ventures have various necessities for the embellishing type and execution of aluminum track plates, different series ought to likewise be chosen.

For instance, 1060 alumnium precious stone plate is for the most part reasonable for cold capacity and vehicle floor, and the later handling cost is somewhat low. 3003 designed aluminum plate enjoys the benefits of high, serious areas of strength for strength obstruction, and has against consumption and hostile to rust abilities, and is utilized in the group of train vehicles. 5052 aluminum track plate is much of the time utilized in boats and aviation enterprises.

Aluminum checker plate highlights

1. Solid erosion obstruction: 1/3/5 series aluminum track plates have high consumption opposition and are strong in a sticky climate.

2. Light weight and high strength: Because its segment areas of strength for has obstruction and sturdiness, it is generally utilized in entryways and windows.

3. Solid beautification: The designed aluminum plate has a delightful example. Particularly after electro-substance treatment, it can deliver different tones. Various tones make the room more layered in the enhancement of indoor and open air houses.

As one of the enormous alumium checker plate providers in China, Climb Aluminum primarily incorporate 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, and 6 series aluminum combination plates. The examples incorporate diamond plate, 5 bar plate and orange peel types sheet. The thickness is 1.2-8.0 mm, the width is 100-1850 mm and the thickenss is 500-16000mm.

Which type of aluminium checker plates are applicable for truck making?

The 1060 and 3003 aluminum checker plate for trailers are taken on to the trailer board to accomplish hostile to slid impact. The trailer board embraces a 2-8mm thick non-slip checkered aluminum plate on the outer layer of the board to make your transportation more secure. The contact coefficient increments, and the grating attachment is around 2 to multiple times bigger than that of the overall level aluminum plate. The plan and assembling interaction of the aluminum checkered plate stacking stage surface not just decreases the heaviness of the entire vehicle, yet in addition builds the lifting and stacking limit, and furthermore expands the counter pallet capability, which is delightful and commonsense.
The aluminum checker plate for trailers has the attributes of non-slip, against rust and hostile to consumption, strong and wonderful for all intents and purposes. Assuming the aluminum checkered plate is utilized for hostile to slip impact, it is important to manage its essential example to build the lopsidedness of its fundamental example, with the goal that the essential grating power for the aluminum checker plate will be expanded, and a wide range of hostile to slip of the board are constantly done, in light of the fact that the example and surface of the checkered plate aluminum are to be completed to expand the unpleasantness of its surface is the essential explanation and the vital component of against slip.
The arrangement and attributes of the aluminum checker plate for trailers:
1, Typical plate:
Typical plate for the most part alludes to normal 1000 series aluminum checker plate. The general plate has low mechanical strength (milder) and is not difficult to imprint and disfigure, and has unfortunate erosion obstruction and wear opposition. Nonetheless, the general plate has great welding execution and isn’t not difficult to break. To guarantee that the trailer plate doesn’t seem serious sunken distortion, the thickness of aluminum checker plate of trailer is generally 2.0 mm or more.
2, Manganese plate:
Manganese plate is 3003 aluminum checker plate in 3000 series Al-Mn-Mg amalgam. The strength, wear and erosion obstruction of 3003 aluminum checker plate is superior to that of standard plate. The welding execution is like that of conventional plates. The thickness of the manganese plate base plate of the semi-trailer is normally above 1.8mm.

Suggestions for you to use stucco aluminium in freezer making business

The aluminum emblazoned sheet for cooler board keeps up with strength in the accompanying low temperature and moist climate and has high consumption obstruction. The aluminum emblazoned sheet has great warm conductivity, light weight, simple handling, wide material sources, low cost, minimal expense, stable compound properties and difficult to rust. For so many benefits, we can see the utilization of stucco decorated aluminum sheet applied in cooler board of fridge. The size and conveyance of the evaporator straightforwardly influence the cooling limit and cooling pace of the cooler framework. Emblazoned aluminum sheet evaporator is utilized, and the cooling speed is multiple times that of the wire tube evaporator. Aluminum is generally consumption safe than endlessly iron isn’t erosion safe, so pick aluminum is more appropriate.

Hardened steel cooler boards are weighty, have low intensity move productivity and have unfortunate formability, so parts are costly. In this way, aluminum cooler boards that have high intensity move effectiveness, have great formability and whose parts are generally cheap have been invited. A1100 in light of unadulterated aluminum (1xxx) and a3003 in view of aluminum-manganese (3xxx) aluminum decorated sheet for cooler board were utilized in the intensity exchanger cooler. The emblazoned aluminum sheet has an enormous vanishing region, uniform cooling, and quick cooling speed, it isn’t not difficult to ice. 1060 and 3003 embossed aluminum sheet are the principal combinations of aluminum sheet for cooler board, they have light weight, minimal expense, long help life, no rust and different highlights.

Aluminum embellished sheet for cooler board are welcome in evaporator fabricating. By utilizing stucco aluminum sheet, the evaporator has enormous cooling region, quick cooling pace and great cooling impact. The evaporator is a significant intensity trade part of the refrigeration framework. The nature of an evaporator is sufficient to decide the nature of a fridge. As a result of its high intensity move coefficient, little impression, heartiness, dependability and long life.