What is 5052 h32 aluminum sheet?

What is 5052 h32 aluminum sheet

The 5052 is a high-density aluminum alloy manufactured by the Wanda Alu. It was initially designed in 1932, as an alternative to the existing 3003 alloy. The new alloy was developed for use in aircraft components and engine cowlings due to its improved corrosion resistance and strength. It is also used for various other purposes … Read more

What are the common installation methods of cable tray?

Bridge, also known as cable bridge, is composed of support, tray, cover plate and installation accessories. In a computer room project, compared with expensive and high-tech hardware and software, the bridge is very insignificant and rarely paid attention to, but it is also an indispensable part of the whole wiring project. Today, let’s talk about … Read more

Why do low-voltage power cables use four cores?

The low-voltage power grid in urban residential areas generally adopts the three-phase four wire system. The four core cable used in the low-voltage power grid, except for the three-phase conductor, is called the neutral wire. It can pass through the unbalanced current of three-phase AC and has the function of protective grounding. Three core cable … Read more

Causes of appearance defects of five kinds of rubber sheathed cables

In the production process of rubber sheathed AAC Cable, there are often appearance defects, such as unsmooth surface; Clinker particles (early vulcanized rubber particles) or impurities on the surface; Scratch and scratch on the surface of wires and cables; Surface collapse; There are hemp patterns on the surface. The following are five common causes of … Read more

Realize the “perspective” management of underground cables

Based on the underground cable informatization model developed by China Electric Power Research Institute, the “perspective” management of underground cables can significantly improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance and management level of underground ACAR Cable lines. Firstly, this technology can make the route planning and design of underground cable engineering more reasonable. Using three-dimensional … Read more

Underground cable is the trend of urban development

Install “perspective eyes” for underground cables In many cities in China, especially in some metropolises or new urban areas, power towers and wires are basically invisible, but thousands of households can use electricity normally. Where does people use electricity come from? In fact, this mainly depends on underground cables to transmit electric energy. Underground cable … Read more

Introduction to the characteristics of btly flexible mineral insulated cable!

Btly is also called gn-al, ng-a and ng-a (btly) Btly is a flexible mineral insulated cable with copper tube sheath replaced by aluminum tube sheath. This product is the first in China and there is no prototype in the world. Compared with bttz series metal sheathed AAC Cable, the product can achieve continuous large length … Read more

How to train cable line operators?

The operation of cable line is a highly professional work. The technical training of AAAC Cable operators should focus on cultivating various basic skills. The learning contents mainly include: 1) basic knowledge of electrical theory; 2) structure and characteristics of power cable; 3) cable laying and manufacturing methods of joints and terminals; 4) understand the … Read more

What is the difference between yttwy and ng-a btly mineral insulated cables?

Ng-a (btly) series isolated fire-resistant ACSR Cables are flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables. The insulating layer is phlogopite tape (fire resistance temperature 750 ℃ ~ 800 ℃), the sheath is aluminum tube (fire resistance temperature 660 ℃), and the outer sheath is plastic. It is not in the same category as yttw and bttz mineral insulated … Read more