Difference between low voltage cable and medium voltage cable

There are many kinds of AAAC Cables. According to voltage, they can be divided into low-voltage cable, medium voltage cable and high-voltage cable. What we can often touch and use in our life are low-voltage cable and medium voltage cable. How can we distinguish them? Some people say it’s 1kV, others say it’s 10kV. How … Read more

What is the cable compression factor, filling factor, elongation factor

Definition of filling coefficient on AAAC Cable Manual: ratio of actual cross-sectional area of conductor to cross-sectional area of core outline Filling coefficient of circular core = sum of cross-sectional area of each single line / circumcircle area of stranded core Fan, pad core filling factor = sum of each single line cross-sectional area / … Read more

Common causes of appearance defects of rubber sheathed cable

For more information on cables, click Joy ’cable Blog In the production process of rubber sheathed cable, appearance defects often appear, such as the surface is not smooth; There are clinker particles (early vulcanized rubber particles) or impurities on the surface; Scratch and scratch on the surface of wires and AAC Cables; There is collapse … Read more

Is the cable conductor detected by the cable nose in accordance with the national standard

The AAC Cable nose is often used for the end connection and continuation of the cable, which can make the connection between the cable and electrical appliances more firm and safer. Cable companies often receive customer complaints: with the corresponding specifications of the wire nose through the corresponding specifications of the conductor, found that the … Read more

Requirements for fire protection certification of cables

In order to solve the long-standing problem of the lack of flame retardant classification standards in the AAC Cable industry and the imperfection of the evaluation index dimension in the original flame retardant standard system, the former Sichuan Fire Protection Research Institute of the Ministry of public security organized relevant units to take the lead … Read more

Conductor outer diameter in selecting and purchasing wires and cables

With the development of national economy, urban construction is becoming more and more prosperous, and the market demand for decoration cloth and wire products is strong. Cloth and Wire Manufactor products belong to CCC compulsory certification products. Domestic manufacturers implement the national standard GB / T 5023-2008 when producing. Manufacturers must send the products to … Read more

Up 80%! Some people “cover” copper not sold

“Do you have a copper machine tool? We can make a home valuation! ” Lao Zhao is a recycling business of scrap metals. Recently, he is circulating recycling advertisements by friends. After the Spring Festival, copper prices have set a high, recycling manufacturers are looking for scrap copper. Zhao also took the opportunity to make … Read more

On the core breaking of flame retardant copper wire and cable

With the development of economy, the industry of wire and cable is also changing and developing. The application demand of wire and cable is also increasing. Meanwhile, the flame retardant and fire-resistant wires have emerged. How to detect the quality of these wires? So, let’s talk about the detection of the core breaking of flame … Read more