Buy Wire and Cable These Knowledge Points You Want to Know!

                                                      First tip: first understand the meaning of Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) BS 7870 Standard

Use code: A installation line, B cloth wire, C Marine cable, R flexible cable, K control cable, N agricultural cable, M coal cable, U mine cable, JK overhead cable;ZC flame-retardant cable, NH fire-resistant cable, WD low smoke free halogen cable.

Characteristic code: B flat, R soft, C heavy duty, Q light duty, Z medium duty, S twin type, P shield, L aluminum core, V insulated polyvinyl chloride, YJ crosslinked J polyethylene, H welding machine.For example, WDZN-BYJ stands for polyethylene insulated low smoke no halogen flame retardant wire, its rated voltage is 450/750V.


                                                             Second recruit: choose PVC Sheathed Power Cable according to the purpose

When choosing wires and cables, use, laying conditions and safety should be considered.Such as:

According to the different electrical appliances, optional wire, power cord, twisted pair, red and black wire, video cable and so on.

According to the different uses, can choose power cable, fire cable, overhead insulated cable, control cable, etc.

According to different laying conditions, cross-linked cable, armoured cable, aluminum alloy cable, anti-corrosion cable and so on can be selected.

According to the safety requirements, can choose flame retardant cable, halogen-free flame retardant cable, fire resistant cable, etc.



                                                                            Third recruit: choose cross-sectional area namely specification

The specifications of home wiring have dozens of specifications such as BV2.5, BV1.5, BV4, BV6;BV is a national standard code, and the numbers are our traditional square number of wires. In general, the wires are used as:

1,The 6 square meters are suitable for households, because the demand for land used by households is high.

2, 4 square suitable for the kitchen switch socket separate line and air conditioning water heater line, after all, these are power consumption, the wire specification can carry more electrical appliances as far as possible;

3, 2.5 square wire used in the common switch, socket and lighting main line;

4, 1.5 square for lighting control circuit switch, etc.

The specification of wire and cable is not the bigger the better, choose the right one is good, the specification is too large will only waste electricity

                                                                              Fourth recruit: choose brand heavy service

The safety and reliability of wire and cable should be guaranteed as the common wire in life.Therefore, when purchasing wires and cables, we should start from our own actual situation and buy reliable old brands. We should consider more from the practical aspect, so that quality, price and after-sales service can be guaranteed.

Jin Hautai, Dongguan wire and cable dealer, I hope this article can help you.