What should I pay attention to when buying Aerial Bundled Cable?

As the main carrier of power transmission,Aerial Bundled Cable  HD 626 S1 Standard is widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuits, household appliances, etc. Its quality directly affects the quality of the project and the safety of consumers’ lives and properties. There are many types of wires in the market, and you must use the appropriate wires according to your own electricity load.
Some of the wires sold in the market are cheaper and some are more expensive, and some people tend to be cheaper first. However, cheap wires often have a lot of performance that does not meet the performance described by him, and they may bring themselves Many security risks. The production technology of the wire is not too high, and the raw materials are not too different. If it is too cheap, either it is cutting corners or the quantity is not enough. How to identify it. Let me tell you several methods that are easier to identify:

  • Take a look at the packaging. National standard wires are often made better, neat, and have a sense of quality when held in hand.
  • Open the package and take a look at the wires inside. The wire thickness (insulation thickness) of the national standard wire of 1.5-6 square meters is 0.7mm. If it is too thick, it is non-standard, and its inner core is definitely not enough. , You can pull the thread hard, the ones that are not easy to tear are generally the national standard.
  • Burn it with fire, the ones that are extinguished within 5s after leaving, and those with certain flame-retardant function are (ABC) ASTM B230 Standard .Look at the inner core, the higher the brightness of the inner core material (copper), the better the copper, and the brightness is uniform, shiny, and without layering. The national standard requires oxygen-free copper to be used in the core. Non-standard, such as black rod copper, may have potential accidents.
  • The thickness of the acsr core has certain national requirements, but it is not very strict. But you can’t go wrong a lot, it’s just a small error, which is generally invisible to the eye.
    The length, the country does not mandate that the rice must be beaten, but many manufacturers have also beaten the rice, and the rice that is beaten is not necessarily the national standard, but the general national standard generally does not. Non-standard rice harvesting is just a means.
  • The country stipulates that there must be a certain mark on the wire, and the maximum size will not exceed 500mm, and the next same mark will be printed. Generally, there are product trademarks, manufacturer names, and implementation standards.