The difference between an open wire and a dark wire

Hydropower renovation is carried out before interior decoration, which is also a key link in the entire renovation process. If there is an error, it will bring a lot of trouble to the future decoration work. Time is wasted and money is wasted, so the early hydropower transformation is more important and attract enough attention. Many people are struggling with a problem now. Is it better to install an open wire or a hidden wire? Let us find out.
1. Advantages of installing hidden wires:
1. Security
Our first consideration is safety. If PVC XLPE Insulated Power Cable 25mm² ~ 400mm² are exposed, the chance of direct contact with the human body after an accident will increase, and the damage rate will be higher.
2. Beautiful
The dark lines make them invisible from the outside, so that the surface looks more beautiful and will not affect the overall design of the room.
3. Life
The main reason is to hide the wires on walls that are prone to aging. The surface air circulation of the bare wire is relatively fast, and the continuous change of temperature increases the aging speed of the circuit.
Disadvantages of installing hidden wires:
The main reason is that the construction is more difficult and troublesome, so there are three problems: one is that the construction period needs to be extended, the other is the increase in construction cost, and the third is that the technical requirements are high and ordinary people cannot be hired. However, some people say that the installation of grooves will affect the building, but I think that in accordance with the construction rules, control the depth of the grooves and do not open holes at will, basically there will be no problems.

2. So which of the two costs money?
Perhaps most people think that installing hidden wires is troublesome, and the cost will naturally be high; but what is unexpected is the cost of installing wires, mainly the construction cost; but installing open wires is the cost of building materials; installing open wires requires the use of BVVB or RVV The cost of this kind of wire is much higher than that of BV wire and BVR wire.
What is the voltage, DC or AC… 90% of the people are immediately dumbfounded…

3. Construction skills
1. When power distribution wires, there should be no knots or kinks in the pipeline. When connecting PVC pipes, joints are required, and glue must be used to bond them firmly.
2. Distribution lines include strong current lines and weak current lines: network lines, telephone lines, air-conditioning lines, TV lines, lighting lines, etc. should be placed with bushings.
3. We all prohibit burying wires directly in the plaster layer.
For the construction of the above-mentioned lines, you need to pay attention to skills and methods, and pay attention to the wiring method. The installation of wires will have a major impact on our future lives.
The above mainly introduces whether the wires are installed with open wires or hidden wires. I believe that through reading the above, everyone has a better understanding of the installation of aaac conductors. Thank you for reading.