Single-conductor cable and dual-conductor cable

Cable is made of cable structure, with power as the energy, the use of alloy resistance wire or carbon fiber heating far infrared for electrification and heating, known as carbon fiber floor heating, to achieve the effect of heating or insulation. There are usually single and double conductors, known as heating cables.
The difference between single guide cable and double guide cable
The heating cable can be divided into single conductor and double conductor. There are some differences between them in structure and performance.

Because of the structural characteristics of double guide cable, it is more convenient to install than single guide cable in the construction process. Both ends of the single guide cable need to be connected to the power supply, so the cable tail should be pulled back to the limit when laying. This requirement is difficult to operate under multiple conditions, such as large room area and long cable. Small room area and limited laying area; Room structure is complex, the side wall is not straight line but by a lot of broken lines. Dual guide cables do not need to consider these issues. Since the cable itself is a loop, all wiring is at the same end. In the construction, as long as the wiring terminal connects the power supply without considering the end of the cable, it can be laid at will according to the specific situation, which expands the practicability of cable ground laying.
The difference between double guide cable and single guide cable is obviously that the electromagnetic radiation double guide cable is much smaller than the single guide cable. Why does a single conductor cable have electromagnetic radiation and a double conductor cable does not? This is determined by their internal structure, from the physics can know, the conductor current is the magnetic field, the direction of the magnetic field is determined by the ampere rule. Ampere’s rule: In the case of a straight current, extend your right hand and hold the wire (the wire). The direction indicated by your thumb is the direction of the current, and the direction indicated by your bending four fingers is the direction of the magnetic field induced by the current passing through.
The structure of two kinds of heating cables determines that the failure rate of them is very different. In general, the failure rate of single guide can reach 35%, while the failure rate of double guide is much less than 0.1%, almost without any failure.