Cable boosts urban rail upgrades

Urban rail transit is playing an increasingly important role in meeting people’s travel needs, optimizing urban layout, alleviating urban traffic congestion, and promoting economic and social development.
According to statistics, between 2020 and 2025, intercity high-speed rail and rail transit will be the biggest investment in the “new infrastructure” sector. When the new infrastructure becomes the new wind mouth, the wire and cable industry is also about to usher in another period of rapid development.
Deep in the cable industry, Huaxing cable is always committed to the research, development, production and sales of higher-end and higher-quality cables, and keeps investing and improving in product research and development. It can not only live up to customers’ expectations, but also provide a complete set of safe and environmentally friendly cable solutions for urban rail transit.
At present, Huaxing has developed 5 categories of low-smoke, halogen-free and high-flame retardant cables for urban rail transit, including 35kV medium-voltage loop network cables, dc traction cables with rated voltage up to 1500V, low-voltage power cables, control and signal cables, and wire distribution cables, which cover more than 95% of the cable products for urban rail transit.

At the same time, on the basis of these five categories of products, The Technology research and development team of Huaxing continuously innovates and develops high-end products such as intelligent monitoring cables and B1 class new flame-retardant cables to facilitate the construction of smart city rail transit. Among them, dc feed return cables used in rail transit with rated voltage up to and including 1500V are mainly used in dc traction power system of rail transit or transmission and distribution occasions for fixed laying. Can also meet the requirements of flame retardant A and flame retardant B1 level, cable crust and has lower combustion dropped, smoke toxicity and corrosive, waterproof, rat ants, uv protection, effectively reduce the external factors on the cable damage, improve the safety of cable operation, widely used in subway, light rail and other crowded occasion safer, ensure more stable power transmission.
While intensifying the research and development of new products, Huaxin has closely adhered to the comprehensive international business strategy, caught up with the international market, positioned the low-voltage power distribution system mainly used in rail transit and other densely staffed places, and focused on the research and development of low-smoke halogen-free armored cables in line with British standards.
With the development of smart city, the development of urban rail transit in China has shifted from the past “speed and scale” to the new stage of “focusing on high-quality development”, and urban rail transit should also take a good path of independent innovation from technological innovation to industrial innovation. In this trend, Huaxing will seize the opportunity of The Times, and help to create a “safe, reliable and green” new era smart rail transit with more green, efficient and safe modern and intelligent solutions.