Aluminium alloy cable

If there is a fault in the use of aluminum alloy cables, the larger allowable temperature of the cable should be taken into account in all normal short circuits, which is a case of aluminum alloy cable fault. If you want to know how to find a problem and solve it quickly, let’s take a look.

Aluminium alloy cable

Aluminum cables are light in weight and suitable for large-span engineering buildings such as stadiums and expo centers. Aluminum alloy cable can reduce the load of building steel structure and save the cost of steel structure. In addition, the application of aluminum alloy cable in high-rise buildings can reduce the difficulty and workload of vertical cable laying, save labor costs, and reduce the risk of body damage during cable construction. The melting point of aluminum is 660℃. Aluminum alloy cables should not be used in the fire safety line of the power supply system.

With the development trend of urban distribution network, the load density is getting higher and higher, and the total number of cables installed on the cable safety channel is increasing. In order to deal with the problem of shortage of cable safety channel resources, in the case of large short-circuit capacity, the direct cost of aluminum alloy cable can be fully considered when selecting aluminum alloy cable, and the comprehensive cost of aluminum alloy cable can also be fully considered.

In addition, the aluminum alloy cable allowed short circuit fault temperature and thermal stability index is smaller than copper conductor cable, so the thermal stability inspection should be carried out to ensure the reliable operation of the power network.

In the case of similar energy consumption, the cross-section of aluminum alloy profile core cable is larger than that of copper core cable, that is, the aluminum alloy profile core cable is larger than that of copper core cable, so as to achieve the same bearing capacity, the increase of the total cross-section area of the cable will harm the cable pavement, cable safety channel structure and electrical performance. Above is about aluminium alloy cable a few basic knowledge points, everybody can have a basic understanding to its.