Why do mice like to bitepower cable?

Rats are animals that everyone shouts and beat in our daily lives. Not only do they like to steal food, they also bite. If the electrical appliances in the house are suddenly out of use, it goes without saying that the eighth achievement is that the mouse bit PVC Insulated LV Power Cable, but why Do mice like to bite wires so much? Are you not afraid of being electrocuted?
In fact, mice don’t just bite wires, wood, cardboard boxes, and plastic products. They don’t let go; this is because mice have large incisors and can grow continuously. They grow about 3 cm in about a month, so they have to keep going. Bite things to grind their teeth. Otherwise, when the teeth grow to a certain extent, the mouse’s mouth will not close, and then starve to death. It can be said that the mouse has been gnawing and gnawing all his life and can’t stop at all.

Why are they not electrocuted?
Generally speaking, a mouse will not bite aaac wires at the same time. At this time, a current loop cannot be formed. Naturally, the mouse will not be killed by electricity. If the mouse bites a live wire, because the mouse’s hair and soles have relatively strong insulation, the current cannot There is no way to electrocute the mouse by forming an electric potential difference on the mouse.
How to prevent the wires from being bitten by mice?
In order to prevent this from happening, you can bury the wires in the wall during decoration to reduce the chance of mice contacting the wires. All kinds of wire troughs, power distribution cabinets, electrical appliances, etc. must be blocked to prevent rats from getting drilled. Go in; in addition, keep the room clean and sanitary, which can also effectively reduce the breeding of mice.