Which is better, copper core or aluminum core?

When it comes to wires and Cables Manufactor, we have to mention the copper and aluminum in their main materials. Then the question comes, what is the difference between copper core and aluminum core wires and cables? Which is better? Let’s get to know about it~

There are several ways to distinguish copper core from aluminum core
First of all, from the model of the wire, the meaning of the letters in the model is as follows: B – fixed laying; X – rubber insulation; L-aluminum core (copper core is not indicated by letters); W-chloroprene sheath; Y-polyethylene sheath. For example: bxw – Copper rubber insulated chloroprene sheathed wire; Blxw — aluminum core rubber insulated chloroprene sheathed wire.
Secondly, it is intuitive to distinguish from the material of wire core. The wire core of copper wire is made of copper, and the wire core of aluminum wire is made of aluminum. Because copper is golden yellow and aluminum is white. You can directly peel a small section of wire core to see the color to distinguish between copper core and aluminum core.
Warm tips: now many aluminum core wires will be coated with a layer of yellow material on the surface of the wire core, commonly known as copper-clad aluminum wire, which also looks yellow. The differences are as follows: first, scrape off the surface, copper wire or yellow, aluminum wire will appear white; The second is to burn with a lighter. The flame of copper core wire is blue, and that of aluminum core wire is white. So we must polish their shining eyes, do not be hoodwinked by unscrupulous business yo~
The difference between aluminum wire and copper wire
1. The cut-off capacity of copper wire is different from that of aluminum wire;
2. Aluminum wire is relatively cheap;
3. The weight of aluminum wire is lighter;
4. The mechanical strength of aluminum wire is poor;
5. The aluminum wire is easy to be oxidized at the end of the connecting wire, and the temperature will rise after oxidation
6. The internal resistance of copper wire is small. Aluminum wire has larger internal resistance than copper wire, but it dissipates heat faster than copper wire. It is mainly due to different current carrying capacity and mechanical strength. So the current carrying capacity of aluminum is about 80% of that of copper. The mechanical strength of copper is much better.
Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between copper wire (cable) and aluminum wire (cable)
The resistivity of copper core is low: the resistivity of aluminum core is about 1.68 times higher than that of copper core;
The copper core has good ductility;
High strength of copper core: the allowable stress at room temperature can reach 20 for copper and 15.6kgt/mm2 for aluminum;
Anti fatigue of copper core: aluminum is easy to break after repeated bending, but copper is not easy to break;
Copper core has good stability and corrosion resistance: copper core is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, while aluminum core is vulnerable to oxidation and corrosion.
Although the aluminum core is relatively cheap, in addition to cheap, in many cases, the rest is chicken feather, especially for some products, we should be more cautious.