The load that the indoor common wire can bear

Wire load is a concern before we buy wires. At present, the wire specifications commonly used in our life include 1 square wire, 1.5 square wire, 2.5 square wire, 4 square wire, 6 square wire, etc., so how many watts can these wires load? Let’s look at the number of watts the 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6 square wires can load.

1、 How many watts can a square wire load

An “empirical formula” commonly used by electricians: as long as it is copper core wire, the cross-section area of each square millimeter can pass through the rated current of 4-5a safely; In the single-phase circuit of 220V, the current is about 4.5a for every 1kW power; In 380V three-phase balance circuit, the current is about 2a for every 1kW power. The above values are very close to the results calculated by physical calculation formulas. Therefore, in order to remember the “cumbersome” calculation formulas, electricians can remember these in the work. Then according to this algorithm, we know that: if the copper core wire is used in 220V single-phase circuit, it can safely carry the current passing through 1kW load; If used in three-phase balanced load (such as motor) circuit, the current passing through 2.5kW load can be safely carried.

2、 1.5 how many watts can the square wire load

If the power supply line is copper core wire, the first is that the maximum allowable working current for open wire installation is 20a, namely 4400 watts; The second is the concealed steel pipe, with current of 16a and power of 3520 watts; Third, PVC pipe is concealed, current is 14a, then the power is 3000 watts.

3、 2.5 how many watts can the square wire load

The power supply of 2.5 square wires is about 5500 watts, and the aluminum core wires are 2.5 square millimeter, 13a-20a, 4400 watts of 220VAC voltage, which is no more than 15A for a long time, and the maximum standard of 10A is not more than 15A.

4、 How many watts can the 4 square wires load

The 1kW of single-phase power supply is about 4.5a and 8kw is about 36a. The current carrying capacity of 4 square wires (single plastic copper wire) is about 30A. Smaller ones, change 6 square wires (single running power supply). Your watch and gate must be changed. Don’t use such a high power, minimum 4kw, also can. How much kilowatt power is the power supply of 4 square wires depends on whether you use 220V in your home or 380V in the factory. If the 4 square wires of 220 can load 6 to 8 kilowatts.

5、 How many watts can 6 square wires load

The power line diameter of the 6 square wire can load is not directly related to the power delivered. Generally speaking, 6 square wires are more than enough for air conditioning wires. The maintenance power supply on the construction site is generally 10X6 + 1×4 cable. As for the current intensity, according to my experience in construction, this kind of cable is generally controlled by 63A air switch. 6 square aluminum wire can load 6 kW, 6 square copper wire can load 10 kW.