The first 525 kV DC cable pre-qualification test is officially launched

On February 26, the first domestic pre-qualification test of 525 kV DC cables was officially launched. The test mainly detects the long-term performance of domestic 525 kV DC cables, and provides important technical support for Chinese cable companies to take the initiative in international competition.
It is understood that the Dutch government plans to develop a 6.1 gigawatt wind farm by 2030. In the face of the connection of large-capacity, long-distance offshore power grids and onshore power grids, 525 kV DC cables will be the most economical transmission method. The State Power Supplier invited 8 cable manufacturers from around the world to participate in the research and development of 525 kV DC sea and land cable systems. Entrusted by domestic cable companies, Zhejiang Zhoushan Power Supply Company Marine Transmission Engineering Technology Laboratory officially launched the pre-qualification test of 525 kV DC cables.

According to the test schedule, the laboratory has completed mechanical pretreatment tests, full-scale space charge detection, and DC withstand voltage test and other test items, and will carry out a long-term voltage test of 8760 hours and a DC superimposed impulse voltage test in the future.
This test carried out tests on both the submarine cable system and the Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) BS 7870 Standard system samples, and fully applied the scientific research results of the national key research and development plan project “±500 kV DC cable system test and operation and maintenance technology”. The space charge measurement and evaluation technology under the simulated operating conditions of the high-voltage DC cable, the leakage current under the pre-qualification test of the DC cable and the distributed optical fiber temperature monitoring technology are integrated into the test system to ensure the scientific accuracy of the test.

The smooth advancement of the 525 kV DC cable system pre-qualification test will significantly enhance the international influence of the State Grid Corporation of Compete and win a broader overseas market.