How to distinguish between aluminum alloy and titanium alloy?

1. if you have two materials with specific hardness, one is aluminum and the other is titanium alloy, as long as the two materials draw each other The scratched piece is aluminum Because titanium is harder than aluminum. However, the hardness of 5XXX aluminum alloy is close to that of titanium alloy, and it is … Read more

Advantages of high temperature superconducting cable

Compared with traditional power cables, superconducting cables have the advantages of low loss, large transmission capacity, small ABC Cable volume and strong system security and stability. Cold insulated HTS cables have low mutual electromagnetic influence and thermal field influence, and have stable current carrying capacity. They have great development prospects in underground cable systems in … Read more

Why are mineral insulated cables so hot?

In recent years, the city has developed rapidly Subway, station, hospital, school, high-rise residence Expansion of public facilities construction scale The number of high-rise buildings surged The demand for urban electricity is rising Such a densely populated key area In case of fire, the consequences are serious In recent years, the fire spread trend in … Read more

Harm of harmonics in power system

1. Hazards to distribution transformer: For the distribution transformer with the wiring group of yyno, during the three-phase four wire system wiring, the third harmonic current generates harmonic voltage in the original and auxiliary windings of the distribution transformer and causes the neutral point voltage to rise. In addition, because the odd harmonics have the … Read more

What is the reason for the problem of high voltage cable?

ACSR Cable is the bridge between power supply equipment and electrical equipment, which plays the role of transmitting electric energy. It is widely used, so faults often occur. The following briefly analyzes the causes of common problems of YJV high-voltage cable. According to the causes of faults, they are roughly divided into the following categories: … Read more

How to avoid being trapped when buying household cables?

Cable is a relatively insignificant raw material in home decoration, but it is closely related to everyone’s daily life and involves the problem of safe power consumption in daily life. Therefore, when purchasing AAAC Cable, we should pay special attention to avoid buying fake and shoddy goods. Here is a detailed description of how to … Read more

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy cables

Conductor, insulation and armored sheath are necessary for the composition of aluminum alloy cables. The quality of aluminum alloy cables mainly depends on the aluminum alloy conductor rods and cable insulation. Aluminum alloy cables have very good performance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical Performance, bending performance, flexibility, etc. 1. Aluminum alloy conductor rod See if we … Read more

Commonly used aluminum alloy wire varieties and product advantages

The commonly used aluminum alloy wire varieties are as follows: 1. High-strength aluminum alloy wire High-strength aluminum alloy wire is an aluminum alloy product with magnesium and silicon added to aluminum and processed to obtain sufficient strength, plasticity and electrical properties, deformation and heat treatment. It is the largest and most widely used aluminum alloy … Read more