Smart grid spawns smart cables, experts may have temperature sensing function

What should a “smart cable” look like? Some experts gave an example of whether the wire and cable can understand the conveying capacity through the color of the surface, can have a temperature sensing function, and the color display can be different at different temperatures. For example, if the wire is transported more than 1000 A, the color of the wire will change from white to other colors if the transmission capacity is exceeded. If this can be achieved, it will be of great help to the operation of the line. Another example is insulation, which has a self-recovery function in the case of discharge, and the defect can be recovered by adding other materials. It is hoped that enterprises can work hard to develop such products, which will also play a great role in the upgrading and innovation of enterprises.

Some experts believe that the purpose of my country’s construction of a strong smart grid is to ensure the safety and reliability of the grid, so that people can use it more conveniently and at ease. This requires more reliable grid-related equipment. “The measure to reduce the occurrence of cable failures is to use qualified cables, set up safe cable channels and lay them in accordance with regulations, check them regularly, and conduct state assessments.” said Chen Peiyun, chief engineer of Qingdao Hancable Co., Ltd., currently laying in ultra-high voltage cables Some fiber optic cables can detect its partial discharge and temperature through the fiber optic cable, which is equivalent to having a certain perception effect. These are smart cables.

The double-ring network power cable  supply in big cities, the increasingly narrow space corridors, and the increase in the rate of underground cables in the city center have brought great demand for cables. The maintenance-free requirements of cables and the attention to the life of insulation withstand voltage put forward higher requirements on the insulation medium, performance indicators, and brand reputation of distribution cables.

With the increasing application of cables, coupled with the improvement of the power supply reliability requirements of the smart grid, cable faults occur from time to time, and there is an urgent need to study new and smarter cable detection technologies. “Diagnosing and evaluating the status of cables is an important technical means for rationally arranging cable replacement and ensuring the safety and reliability of power supply. It is also an extremely important part of effective cable management in smart grids.” National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director Wu Changshun said.

Some cable companies have seen the business opportunities brought by smart cables and want to dig money in the field of smart cables. Recently, the intelligent ultra-flexible fireproof cable successfully developed by Far East Smart Energy has passed the full performance type test of the “National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” and the “National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”. The comprehensive performance has been appraised by relevant experts. As an internationally advanced level, the products have obtained national invention patents and were selected into the list of “the first batch of Jiangsu high-tech products in 2014”.