On the service life of control cable

The service life of control cable is determined by the air oxidation induction period of sheath raw materials. Generally, the design scheme of control cable is applied for 20 years, which is the most applied life of control cable. Although the specific daily life is likely to be longer, from the perspective of safety, the design scheme period is the most life of control cable.

Life of control cable
Elements endangering the service life of control cables and ways to increase the service life of control cables:
1. The control cable does not have to return to moisture to avoid heat and corrosion. Because the sheath of the cable has a certain maintenance effect on the cable, the corrosion is more harmful to the cable in case of heat.
2. Control cables do not have to be overloaded. Overload application of the cable will cause immediate damage to the insulation and sheath of the cable, endanger the service life of the cable or destroy the cable immediately.
3. For the route of old engineering buildings, if it is found to be swallowed or wet by water, especially if the route is worn and brittle, electric welders should be asked to repair it immediately.
4. The control cable shall prevent common faults of cable connector, which will lead to ABC Cable short-circuit fault, which will not only damage the cable, but also destroy household appliances.

5. Control cable commodity itself: select national and industrial standard cables as much as possible. Cost-effective non-standard cables are very easy to cause short-circuit fault, and the service life of non-standard AAC Cables is short.
6. Control the natural environment and temperature of the cable. The external natural environment and heat source where the control cable is located will also lead to excessive temperature of the control cable, penetration of the insulation layer, and even explosion and fire.