How to prevent cable corona discharge?

Corona discharge occurs in the air gap of indoor heat shrinkable, cold shrinkable or nylon AAC Cable terminal due to the action of electric field at the junction of semiconductor shielding layer and insulation layer of three core or single core cable.
When the terminal position of the cable installed in the indoor switch cabinet or metering cabinet of the distribution station is low, the ponding in the cable trench or the poor ventilation of the distribution station, and the indoor air humidity is high, the corona discharge phenomenon will also occur.
In order to prevent the corona discharge of indoor terminal, the filling material of trident of three core cable terminal must be filled. In addition to the filling material, the heat shrinkable or cold shrinkable terminal should also pay attention to the elimination of gas in the pipe during the heat shrinkable or cold shrinkable process without leaving air gap. Special attention should be paid at the junction of the two media.
The experimental results show that after the heat shrinkable terminal is moved, the discharge amount of partial discharge test will increase, and the re heating shrinkage partial discharge will decrease. Therefore, if corona discharge occurs at the heat shrinkable terminal, it will disappear after reheating and shrinking to eliminate the air gap.

If the cable trench in the station is flooded and the ventilation is poor, measures such as drainage, improving ventilation and keeping the station environment clean shall be taken( The above text is excerpted from “technical questions and answers for power cable installation and operation”)
[1] Shi Chuanqing, chief editor. Question and answer of power ABC Cable installation and operation technology. Beijing: China Electric Power Press, 2007
Extended reading:
Corona discharge, the most common form of gas discharge, refers to the partial self-sustaining discharge of gas medium in non-uniform electric field. In the vicinity of the tip electrode with a small radius of curvature, the local electric field intensity exceeds the ionization field intensity of the gas, which makes the gas ionize and excite, resulting in corona discharge. When corona occurs, light can be seen around the electrode, accompanied by a hissing sound. Corona discharge can be a relatively stable discharge form, or it can be an early development stage in the process of gap breakdown in uneven electric field.