How many rumors do you know about wires and cables?

The rapid development of the Internet age has not only brought convenience to everyone’s life, but also brought new challenges to our social management. In particular, we have seen the rapid spread of rumors. I believe you can distinguish many rumors, but how many rumors about wires and AAAC Cables have you heard? Can you identify it in time?

If the square of the wire is not enough, it will not be qualified?
not always! For many people, this is already a “common sense” existence, but is this really the case? With the improvement of conductor material production process and scientific and technological progress, the advanced production process of oxygen free copper has been widely used. The resistivity of copper conductor material is enough to ensure that the copper wire less than the nominal diameter can meet the requirements of DC resistance of corresponding specifications, while the conductor of wire and cable has strict requirements on the resistivity of conductor, for example, The DC resistance of 25 mm2 copper core conductor specified in the standard at 20 ° is not greater than 0.727 Ω / km (the second stranded conductor), so the conductor is qualified as long as it is not greater than this value.
Flame retardant ABC Cables will not burn?
wrong! Flame retardant of flame-retardant wire and cable refers to that when a wire and cable fire accident occurs, it can block and delay the diffusion and spread of flame along the wire and cable, and minimize the expansion of fire range of wire and cable. This type of cable has the characteristics of self extinguishing after fire. Fire resistant wire and cable refers to that in the case of wire and cable fire accident, the wire and cable product can adhere to the normal operation for a certain time under the condition that the external flame is still burning, maintain the integrity of wire and cable lines and maintain the normal operation of line equipment.
Will wires and cables have radiation?
Wires and cables do have radiation. However, the fact is that all live things have radiation. For example, 220V wires also have radiation, but the radiation is very small and basically negligible. Moreover, the radiation of wires is much lower than that of mobile phones. If you are really afraid of wire radiation, it is recommended to throw away the mobile phones first. If you are afraid of the magnetic field generated by wires and cables and think that the magnetic field will cause any harm to the human body, the geomagnetic field is even more terrible. Therefore, I think that “radiation from wires will damage health” is just groundless, and I think too much.

The thicker the cable insulation, the better?
No, too thick cable insulation will increase the difficulty of AAC Cable laying. At present, cable laying is mainly bridge or through pipe. Now many enterprises are implementing cable requirements, with tight cable requirements and small outer diameter. There can be gaps in the laying process to emit heat energy to ensure that the outer sheath of the cable is not damaged. Otherwise, it will bring some difficulties to the construction unit and cable laying. In summer, the working temperature will rise, and these temperatures will be emitted through the outer protective layer. The thickness of the sheath increases, and the heat energy is difficult to be emitted, which will affect the service life of the cable. Due to the thermal action of PVC, a series of physical and chemical changes will occur in the insulating layer, losing the original excellent performance, resulting in obvious decline in the insulating performance and even short circuit, Therefore, when selecting the cable, the thickness of the cable must be moderate.
The laying of water and electricity shall be horizontal and vertical
unnecessary! Although the water and electricity wires laid horizontally and vertically look very good, there are really many hidden dangers! Firstly, the material cost of the wire pipe is much higher than that of other laying methods. Secondly, because it is 90 degrees horizontally and vertically, it is easy to get stuck when threading the wire in the later stage! So as long as it complies with the specifications, how convenient it is to lay it!

In addition to the above, there are numerous rumors about wires and cables: wires and cables are cheap, so selling cables makes a lot of money; Wires of the same quality can certainly be bought at a cheaper price; The copper conductor used in wires and cables is not so high; Wires and cables will leak electricity in rainy days, which is unsafe.
Although some are rumors, it’s not too much to say that wires and cables are lifelines. We should be more careful when buying. Only by selecting manufacturers, products and national standard products can we use them at ease.