Factors affecting service life of cable

Wire and cable as the domestic manufacturing industry second only to automobile manufacturing, it can be said that Aluminum Cable is closely related to our lives, has long been unable to separate, we all know that Chinese electric power penetration is very high, even better than many developed countries. Nowadays, all walks of life can not live without power, and the cable responsible for transmitting power is becoming more and more important.

Many people are concerned about the service life and safety of the Service Drop Cable. The service life of the cable is determined by the oxidation induction period of the sheath material, the average cable design is 20 years old, but many factors can accelerate cable aging, so keep these factors in mind for better cable maintenance.

1. External Force damage this is one of the most common causes of cable aging, such as: Cable installation is not standard construction, easy to cause mechanical damage.Sometimes if the damage is not serious, it will take months or even years to cause complete breakdown of the damaged parts to form a fault, sometimes serious damage may occur short-circuit fault, directly affect the safety of electricity and production.

2. Moisture in the insulation is also common, such as cable joints, such as poor cable quality, such as wet environment, may accelerate cable aging.

3. chemical corrosion severe cable aging due to long term overload operation, due to Joule’s laws load current flowing through the cable will inevitably lead to conductor heating, at the same time, the additional heat will be produced by the skin effect of electric charge, the eddy current loss of steel plate and the dielectric loss of insulation, which will increase the temperature of cable. Long-term overload operation, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation, insulation is breakdown. Especially in the hot summer, the cable temperature often leads to the first breakdown of the weak insulation, so in the summer, the cable fault is particularly.