Significant progress has been made in optical fiber cable signal transmission distance

Optical fibre cable  is a communication cable consisting of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores located in a protective coating and covered by a plastic PVC outer sleeve. The signal transmission along the internal optical fiber generally uses infrared rays. In January 2013, Cuba carried out communications reforms, opening fiber optic cables … Read more

Different influencing factors, the degree of cross-linking of cross-linked cables is also different

Cross-linked cable is the abbreviation of cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable. It is composed of conductor, insulating material, internal and external semi-conductive material, sheath material, shielded copper tape, armored steel tape/steel wire, inner lining, isolation sleeve, filling material, etc. Part of the cable. Different components have their own usage requirements and characteristics. For example, XLPE insulated … Read more

How to protect cables from damage in cold winter

In winter, when laying and installing Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC) XLPE Insulated, many construction personnel will find that the wire and cable products with good quality usually have some problems, such as wire body hardening, insulation sheath falling off and damage. Many construction personnel think that the quality problems of wire and cable products have … Read more