How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

Aluminum industry is a traditional competitive industry in Henan Province. After years of development, Henan aluminum industry has possessed the advantages of the whole industrial chain, and continues to extend to downstream aluminum processing and deep processing. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized. Henan is a truly large aluminum processing province. It is worth noting that the downstream consumption of aluminum processing materials has changed greatly in recent years, and Henan aluminum industry has both opportunities and challenges.

How Henan Aluminum Industry to Advance Automobile Lightweight

Two Challenges for Henan Aluminum Enterprises to Set foot in Automobile Lightweight

The research shows that for traditional fuel vehicles, about 60% of the vehicle fuel is used to load the self weight of the vehicle, and 0.39 liters of fuel can be saved for every 100 kg weight reduction of passenger vehicles and every 100 km. If the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 6%~8%, thus reducing the emissions by 5%~6%. For new energy vehicles, the vehicle weight directly affects the driving range.

The above industry insiders said that the automobile materials are mainly steel, but the density of aluminum is only about 1/3 of steel, and the performance after alloying can meet the relevant requirements. Replacing steel with aluminum can significantly reduce the weight of automobiles. Aluminum alloy materials can replace steel in strength, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance and recycling.

Wanda ALU introduced that Henan’s aluminum sheet, strip and foil production ranks first in the country, aluminum profiles have made significant development, and wheel hubs have a place. From the perspective of the entire automobile structure, car bodies, wheels, parts, power batteries, etc. have demand for lightweight aluminum for automobiles, and the Association is increasing its research in this field.

However, it is not easy for Henan Aluminum Industry to get involved in automobile lightweight. It should not only face the certification process of automobile manufacturers, but also solve problems in technology and process.

The above industry insiders believe that aluminum alloy auto parts need to pass strict material certification, product certification, automobile production quality management system (IATF16949-2016) certification, and internal certification of vehicle manufacturers or first-class auto parts suppliers. There are few local brand auto manufacturers in Henan, which is the biggest dilemma for Henan aluminum industry to get involved in automobile lightweight.

In addition, the insiders said that in the field of automobile and other industrial aluminum profiles, downstream products with different needs and uses will have different requirements for aluminum profiles, especially in terms of alloy formula, manufacturing technology, process optimization, experience, etc., which requires long-term accumulation and trial.

Long-term cooperation between Yutong New Energy Vehicle and Wanda Aluminum

Yutong aluminium checker plate

It was learned from Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. that the “2021 Annual Social Responsibility Report” released by the company shows that Yutong will achieve operating income of 25.7 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 15.9%, and pay taxes of more than 1.3 billion yuan, achieving performance for 18 consecutive years. Continued growth.
According to the “Report”, in 2014 Yutong continued to lead the bus industry, with its bus sales exceeding 60,000 units, becoming the world’s largest bus sales company.

The aluminum alloy plate produced by Henan Wanda Aluminum has always been favored by Yutong Bus Company, especially the Aluminium checker plate, aluminum plate and other products, which have always been the most ideal materials in the new energy vehicle industry.

Yutong aluminium checker plate

The rapid growth of the new energy bus market has become an important factor driving the changes in Yutong’s business revenue. In 2021, Yutong Bus will sell a total of 7,405 new energy buses. Up to now, it has promoted a total of 13,798 new energy buses, becoming the first new energy bus in the world. A company with over 10,000 sales. It is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 464,000 tons per year, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 1,272 hectares of broad-leaved forest in one year. And Wanda Aluminum also wants Yutong Bus to provide a good product manufacturing plan.

In 2021, Yutong’s goal is to strive to achieve an operating income of 27.7 billion yuan, continue to maintain its advantages in passenger car sales, and focus on the new energy passenger car market. It is reported that in 2022, Yutong invested 3.86 billion yuan to build a new energy-saving and new energy bus industrialization base that has been officially put into production, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 vehicles, which will further reflect its economic benefits in 2015. The new energy bus technology is still in the early stage of development, and the speed of technological upgrading is very fast. Whether the new energy bus technology can make further breakthroughs will be the key problem to be solved by Yutong in the next stage.

Advantages of aluminum checker plates for your reference

Aluminum checker plate available to be purchased alludes to an aluminum plate with an example on a superficial level. Albeit the creation cycle of this aluminum plate is somewhat muddled and the expense is high, it is as yet well known on the lookout. There are two principal reasons: from one perspective, the designed aluminum plate has a delightful appearance and of solid enrichment; then again, it has phenomenal enemy of unloading impact.
There are fundamentally 1 series aluminum plates, 3 series aluminum manganese and 5 series aluminum magnesium combination. Since various ventures have various necessities for the embellishing type and execution of aluminum track plates, different series ought to likewise be chosen.

For instance, 1060 alumnium precious stone plate is for the most part reasonable for cold capacity and vehicle floor, and the later handling cost is somewhat low. 3003 designed aluminum plate enjoys the benefits of high, serious areas of strength for strength obstruction, and has against consumption and hostile to rust abilities, and is utilized in the group of train vehicles. 5052 aluminum track plate is much of the time utilized in boats and aviation enterprises.

Aluminum checker plate highlights

1. Solid erosion obstruction: 1/3/5 series aluminum track plates have high consumption opposition and are strong in a sticky climate.

2. Light weight and high strength: Because its segment areas of strength for has obstruction and sturdiness, it is generally utilized in entryways and windows.

3. Solid beautification: The designed aluminum plate has a delightful example. Particularly after electro-substance treatment, it can deliver different tones. Various tones make the room more layered in the enhancement of indoor and open air houses.

As one of the enormous alumium checker plate providers in China, Climb Aluminum primarily incorporate 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, and 6 series aluminum combination plates. The examples incorporate diamond plate, 5 bar plate and orange peel types sheet. The thickness is 1.2-8.0 mm, the width is 100-1850 mm and the thickenss is 500-16000mm.

Tips for you to tell the grades of aluminum

Aluminum combinations is a significant natural substance in construction,daily merchandise, decoration,automobile,aerospace and military fields, thusly the nature of aluminum amalgams influence that of its downstream items.

How to tell the grades of aluminum amalgams and buy qualified ones? There are seven basic hints to assist you with having speedy recognizable proof.

1. Check the material of aluminum composite. Assuming it is made of essential aluminum(smelted by crude mineral), the cut is splendid and glossy; in the event that it is reused aluminum or doped, the entry point is faint and the variety isn’t unadulterated.

2. Check the thickness out. You can quantify on the off chance that the thickness of various aluminum plates are as per its imprint.

3. Attempt its solidarity. While buying, you can utilize the hand to twist the aluminum sheet or circle respectably to check whether it can reestablish the shape after your hands leave. Generally, the 5000 series aluminum has higher strength.

4. Notice the variety. The shade of an equivalent aluminum compound circle ought to be steady. Assuming there is clear variety distinction, don’t buy without any problem. The 1000 series pure aluminum sheets will be brighter than other grades.

5. Actually take a look at the levelness. The outer layer of the aluminum sheet/circle ought to be no knocks or swelling.

6. Investigate the sparkle. The surface ought to be not spots, breaks, burrs and stripping those undeniable weaknesses.

7. Pick appropriate aluminum compound. Aluminum amalgams have 8 major series. Each has various arrangements and actual properties. Their costs additionally have huge contrasts. For instance , 1050 aluminum sheet is of modest cost, great electrical conductivity and high erosion obstruction, yet it has a generally unfortunate strength contrasted and other aluminum combinations like 5052 aluminum sheet. In the event that you like to use in aviation, 1050 aluminum sheet won’t be a reasonable decision.

8. Have an information on brand. Since the norms of aluminum amalgam has been developed, brand can be the last component. Lately, the nature of aluminum compounds in china has extraordinarily improved, so it is an exceptionally practical decision.

9. Really take a look at the endorsements if essential. For certain sorts of aluminum composite item or for certain districts, the authentications are important.

5754 aluminium sheets for van body manufacturing

Aluminum plate for vans skin alludes to the material covered on the outer layer of the container, which uses its solidarity to reinforce the utilization, and defensively affects the vehicle body. The general weight is light, and the general shape is likewise lovely. The utilization of aluminum plate for vans skin has wide market possibilities. Taking the skin of box cargo vehicles for instance, 5754-h111 aluminum plate is generally utilized.
Execution highlights: great weldability, medium strength, simple handling, great surface quality, smooth and break free. Different thickness particulars can be modified by the genuine requirements of clients, with high reusing rate.

Aluminum van body for 5754-h111 aluminum plate cost

The cost of 5754-h111 aluminum plate fluctuates as per the determination. The handling charge is different for aluminum plates with various thickness, width and length. Likewise, the citations given by various makers are additionally unique, for the most part because of various information expenses and item quality. As a significant piece of van, the nature of skin generally relies upon the nature of skin materials. In this way, it is vital to choose solid aluminum plate producers.

Which type of aluminium checker plates are applicable for truck making?

The 1060 and 3003 aluminum checker plate for trailers are taken on to the trailer board to accomplish hostile to slid impact. The trailer board embraces a 2-8mm thick non-slip checkered aluminum plate on the outer layer of the board to make your transportation more secure. The contact coefficient increments, and the grating attachment is around 2 to multiple times bigger than that of the overall level aluminum plate. The plan and assembling interaction of the aluminum checkered plate stacking stage surface not just decreases the heaviness of the entire vehicle, yet in addition builds the lifting and stacking limit, and furthermore expands the counter pallet capability, which is delightful and commonsense.
The aluminum checker plate for trailers has the attributes of non-slip, against rust and hostile to consumption, strong and wonderful for all intents and purposes. Assuming the aluminum checkered plate is utilized for hostile to slip impact, it is important to manage its essential example to build the lopsidedness of its fundamental example, with the goal that the essential grating power for the aluminum checker plate will be expanded, and a wide range of hostile to slip of the board are constantly done, in light of the fact that the example and surface of the checkered plate aluminum are to be completed to expand the unpleasantness of its surface is the essential explanation and the vital component of against slip.
The arrangement and attributes of the aluminum checker plate for trailers:
1, Typical plate:
Typical plate for the most part alludes to normal 1000 series aluminum checker plate. The general plate has low mechanical strength (milder) and is not difficult to imprint and disfigure, and has unfortunate erosion obstruction and wear opposition. Nonetheless, the general plate has great welding execution and isn’t not difficult to break. To guarantee that the trailer plate doesn’t seem serious sunken distortion, the thickness of aluminum checker plate of trailer is generally 2.0 mm or more.
2, Manganese plate:
Manganese plate is 3003 aluminum checker plate in 3000 series Al-Mn-Mg amalgam. The strength, wear and erosion obstruction of 3003 aluminum checker plate is superior to that of standard plate. The welding execution is like that of conventional plates. The thickness of the manganese plate base plate of the semi-trailer is normally above 1.8mm.

How much do you know about 5754 Aluminum?

Lightweight has turned into a pattern in the improvement of tank truck on the planet. The thickness of aluminum is around 1/3 of that of steel. Aluminum replaces steel to make the big haulers, which can decrease the heaviness of the entire vehicle by 30%~40%. The gentility of the body considers a huge speed up and treatment of the vehicle.

5xxx aluminum including 5083 aluminum plate, 5454, 5182, 5754 are the generally utilized tank material to make gas tank, powder big hauler and LNG tank. 5754 alloyed aluminum sheet is of medium strength, great erosion opposition, weldability and simple handling and shaping, which is a normal compound in Al-Mg composites.

aluminium sheet

1. Quality control of 5754 aluminum plate underway

The quality control during the re-moving course of aluminum plate is the focal point of the creation of hot-moved items, particularly the 5052, 5083 and 5754 aluminum plate that has higher necessities.

In the hot moving course of 5754 aluminum plate, it is important to guarantee the ordinary activity of the entire cycle to forestall the messed up strip brought about by broke edges, surface breaks, and so on. Its size, shape, surface quality, properties meets the necessities.

To deliver qualified items ordinarily, persistently and steadily, the hot moving plant is furnished with some extraordinary control frameworks, including thickness control framework, shape and crown control framework, temperature control framework, emulsion control framework, and so on.

2. Specialized means and signs of value control in the creation of 5754 aluminum plate

Thickness exactness in the development of 5754 aluminum sheet is one of the significant pointers for the quality cycle control of aluminum hot rolling. The thickness and deviation control of the strip is predominantly acknowledged by the programmed thickness control framework (AGC).

The cutting edge aluminum hot moving plant understands the programmed pay of structure and amalgam shrinkage at various temperatures by contributing the genuine creation esteem, and the thickness contrast brought about by the difference in process boundaries and moving factory boundaries is directed by MMC, GM-ACC, ABS-AGC, M-AGC, RE-AGC and front and back pressure pay, bowing power pay, speed increase pay, tail pay and different means. Want to know more about the 5754 aluminium sheets, please click here for visiting our official website:

Difference between aluminum alloy and aluminum profile

Difference between aluminum alloy and aluminum profile

Aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum material, and it is also mixed with other metals, which is an alloy material. The aluminum profile is a product, which is made of aluminum alloy or pure aluminum, and can be directly used in the field of decoration. 2. The uses of the two are different, and the corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and recyclability of aluminum profiles are more superior.

Difference between aluminum alloy and aluminum profile

In the building materials market, one is aluminum alloy, and the other is aluminum profile. Although there are many similarities between the two, there are still some differences. Today, Xiaobian will introduce aluminum alloy and aluminum for you. What is the difference between profiles.

The following article explains aluminum profiles in detail

Great prospects for the application of aluminum profiles

1. What are the differences between aluminum alloys and aluminum profiles?

The most direct difference is that the definitions of the two are different. Aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum material, and it will also be mixed with other metals. It is an alloy material. The aluminum profile is actually a product, which is made of aluminum alloy or pure aluminum, and can be directly used in the field of decoration. The uses of the two are different, and the corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and recyclability of aluminum profiles are more superior.

Difference between aluminium alloy and aluminum profile

2. What are the characteristics of aluminum profiles

①. Aluminum profiles made of pure aluminum have very good corrosion resistance, because the density of this material is 2.7 per cubic meter. If it is pure aluminum, it has very good corrosion resistance.
②. In addition, the conductivity of this material is also very good. Compared with other materials, the conductivity of aluminum is twice that of copper.
③. The thermal conductivity of aluminum profiles is also relatively prominent, so it can be made into a variety of utensils, such as cooking utensils, and our spatula can be made of aluminum alloys into an aluminum profile, including auto parts, etc. Etc., as well as radiators, are made of this material.
④. The processability of aluminum profiles is also very good, which can maintain the characteristics of the material.
⑤. Because this aluminum profile has a certain recyclability and can be reused, it is widely used in many aspects. It is also used in the furniture market and medical equipment, including some automated machinery and equipment.

3.The classification characteristics of aluminum alloys.

If it is divided according to its production process, it can be divided into deformed aluminum alloy or cast aluminum alloy. If it is a deformed aluminum alloy, there are also different products. For example, one is to prevent rust. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the scope of application is also different.

Common products of aluminum profiles include: aluminium platealuminium coil, aluminium foil, aluminium strip, etc

Benefits of using aluminium sheets in lighting industry

Aluminum sheet slender are applied to lighting industry for its lightweight, minimal expense, long assistance life and top caliber. The flimsy aluminum sheet producer has numerous clients who make aluminum lights, lampshades, circuit sheets, and so forth. The aluminum sheet in meager thickness have combination of 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003 and 5052. Coming up next is a prologue to the utilization of meager aluminum sheet in this regard.

The extent of use of aluminum sheet in the lighting of lights and lamps:

1. Aluminum sheet 3104 as the light holder of radiant light and fluorescent light, and other slender aluminum plate materials as attachment has turned into a normal use.

2. Cast, stepped and turned aluminum parts are many times utilized as creative adornments for table lights, standing lights and different lights.Especially, the 1000 aluminum sheet and 3003 alloy are popular.

3. Aluminum sheet reflectors are typical for fluorescent light frameworks and other lighting establishment frameworks.

4. as of late, sun powered energy-saving lights have been broadly advanced and utilized, and their lampshades, attachments, sections, interfacing poles, and so on all utilization aluminum compound profiles or coils. Climb has different aluminium coil rolls for your refernce.

The benefits of aluminum sheet slender as a lighting material for lights and lamps

1. Aluminum sheet can diminish the heap of lights. For instance, a light post in an outdoors sports field requires 80 bright lights. Lightweight aluminum lights show their benefits.

2. Outside lights require a help life of over 10 years, and the aluminum composite lampshade with great erosion obstruction can meet this necessity. After their surface is anodized, it works on the hardness and wear opposition, yet in addition can be scoured much of the time, and can get an enhancing impact.

3. to decrease weight and save energy, transportation vehicles likewise use aluminum wires, aluminum curls, and aluminum electrical parts. As of now, aluminum amalgams with great adaptability and creep obstruction and powerful low voltage (12V) electrical contact materials have been created. Generally, 5000 series aluminum alloy are applicable for transporting.

Bending properties and 3003 aluminum sheets application introduction

The Bending Property of 3003 Alloy

Various procedures can be utilized to twist aluminum, including three-roll bowing, three-point twisting, stretch framing, wrap, and mandrel. The fitting strategy relies upon the type of a combination. Three roll bowing includes a super adaptable roller that is logically collapsed the workpiece until a reasonable sweep is accomplished.

Very much like three-roll twisting, the three-point drinking spree gradually or in a split second applies an item through. The two strategies for bowing are carried out in dormant districts. As to, because of its formability, aluminum is the essential material.

3003 aluminum grade alloy curves effectively, which considers an enormous range and high flexibility. The most un-satisfactory twist sweep is likely to factors like attitude, mandrel works, amalgam, and cross-sectional estimations. Consequently, it is challenging to give a basic principle with respect to the twist radii.

aluminium sheet

Ordinary Applications

Since aluminum is utilized in a few enterprises, including aviation, it is alluded to as a general use composite. In the structure area, the 3003-aluminum compound is utilized in rooftops, collapsed sheets, sidings, and acoustic roofs. Capacity holders, created metal items, and lines are used in the food and compound industry.

One of the critical utilizations of 3003 aluminum sheet is in the cooling units of intensity motors including radiators since it is light and warm helpful. For the warming and cooling framework, the composite is utilized in cooling evaporators, vehicle radiators, and intensity exchangers. Other well known applications incorporate cooking tools, ice 3D square plate, fridge boards, gas tanks, and strain vessels. Especially, the 3003 stucco aluminum is applicable for freeer manufacturing.

The aluminum grade on this combination makes it ideal for different purposes. You can get a large number of utilizations of the 3003-aluminum combination because of its reaction to specific variables like twisting, heat treatment, and solidifying. You can also click this link for more information of aluminium sheets: